FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is jointly owned and managed by British Council, IDP:IELTS Australia (IDP:IA) and University of Cambridge English Language Assessment. The course won't turn you automatically into a fluent English speaker but if you pass the exam after taking it, your score will definitely be higher. Wang Xin, a senior student at the Communication University of China in Beijing, took an IELTS test on Aug 1 and the results were due within 10 working days.

Your IELTS score is valid for 2 years, with no limit on how many times you can use it for study, work or migration. We need to receive all documents within five working days of your online registration. I got Listening and Reading 8.5 and Speaking and writing 7.0 with an overall band score of 8.0.

You may cancel your registration for the IELTS test provided at least ten days' notice is given. Exam date registration quickly fills up. Please register with enough time in advance. Reading tips should be applied, while doing practice IELTS test once have to concentrate on the mistakes.

If the session date doesn't appear on the IELTS online registration system it means the session is full. It's great if you want to practice a lot before your actual IELTS test - 60 practice tests and free e-book included with any subscription. One week before the test date you will receive an email with details of the exam session (start time and venue address).

It is important to know what an IELTS score in any of the Sub-tests means before you set yourself a goal. A big part of doing well in the exam, apart from a high level of English and good test skills, is learning about how the test works and knowing what examiners expect.

Your registration can only be finalised after the full exam fee has arrived into our bank account. IELTS is available on 48 fixed dates a year - up to four times a month on Thursdays and Saturdays, depending on local demand. When you finish, you can use the answer key to mark your Reading and Listening answers.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR INVOICING: In case you would like an invoice, please let us know before making the bank transfer of the exam fee. Inokoue urgently needed to get IELTS Band Score of 7 or above within 10 days of studying. Please note: Your Listening, Reading and Writing test will be completed on the same day.

Answer each question the best you can immediately after reading it. Try not to skip ahead” and look at upcoming questions, since you won't know the next question on the exam! My MPNP nomination expires in 10 days, I was just about to send the package tomorrow and just noticed that my IELTS has expired.

However, if you feel that you need more practice or need more time, then go for it. Google is always your best friend. However, if you apply for JSAF-IELTS by 10 days before the written parts are conducted and submit request, you can take speaking test at Wednesday on test week.

For Writing and Speaking, go to the ETS website and understand exactly what the person who grades your exam is looking for, (it is mentioned in detail in the videos), for example using good vocabulary, Answering to the question, Including complex sentence structures into your answers (not as tough as it sounds :p ), For speaking be as natural as possible (big no to fake accent).

Firstly imporve your overall English level - do lots of general English parctice in readung, listening speaking, grammar and vocabulary. If the speaking test is to be on a different day, the centre will inform you. In the next 3 posts I plan to give an overview of the way to approach the tests and then look in more detail at Reading and Writing and then Speaking and Listening.

Speaking tests are scheduled to take place a week before or a week after the written examinations. You need to get your listening, reading and writing up to a good level before you start to do prepare for ielts in 10 days test practice. If you don't have time to order practice exam books before your exam, you should download and print your full-length tests.